catrinascentrohistoricomazatlancallejoneadaLast Friday, the 1st of November was held in Mazatlan’s Historical Center the traditional ‘Callejoneada’ of the Day of the Dead that the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan place every year as part of Mazatlan Cultural Festival brought together hundreds of residents and national and foreign tourists who were part of our traditions.

callejoneadamztcatrinascallejoneadamazatlanSpectacular ‘Catrinas’ headed the tour for the altars of the Historical Center who were accompanied by ghosts and skeletons. Behind them a donkey was pulling a wagon carrying barrels of beer where the crowd raised their glasses to try the drink.

To the sound of the band did the tour for the altars in ‘Casa del Caracol’, Hotel Melville, ‘El Recreo’, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Art, College Sinaloa and the Angela Peralta Theater which the haunted mansion was characterized.

Congratulations to the organizers and attendees who with their enthusiasm and participation kept alive the traditions of Mexico.