Amigos Playa Conchita Castillo y Javier ValleAs we had shared with you Mrs. Maria del Socorro Castillo and her husband Mr. Javier Valle were our sponsors at the reopening of Hotel Playa Mazatlan on July 8th. Having their valuable support and loyalty for more than 15 years increases our commitment not only with them but with all our guests who have made our hotel their second home in Mazatlan.

Mrs. Conchita and Mr. Javier are considered Amigos Playa and in their multiple visits we can share innumerable anecdotes full of emotion. Thanks to them today we have the opportunity to meet their beautiful family because the tradition of visiting us has been inherited to their generations.

And do not forget that you can share through our social media all your photos, videos and stories lived with us.

It will be an honor to also recognize your loyalty.

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