According to alerts issued by the U.S. Government to inform their co-s on the general conditions of different cities and states of the Mexican Republic, was released that Mazatlan was exempt from this warning list so it categorizes this tourist destination of Mexico as a safe city to visit.

mazatlancontenidoThrough a statement posted on its website, the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the Department of State specifies that the Historical Center and the Golden Zone of Mazatlan are safe places to visit and enjoy in family. The communiqué highlighted the efforts made by the Mexican Government in their fight against organized crime to protect U.S. citizens and other visitors in most tourist destinations.

According to information provided by the State Department, about 150,000 Americans crossing the border into Mexico daily and in Mazatlan live around 5000 citizens of the United States.

Mazatlan, a beautiful port in the state of Sinaloa, is a perennial favorite of those who flee of the cold and looking for a warm and welcoming environment. Also known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, Mazatlan is one of the few beach destinations that combines the sea with the culture and its natural beauty and gastronomy which have made it as one of the most important tourist ports of Mexico.

Vive Mexico and discover Mazatlan!