In order to guarantee that Mazatlan is a tourist destination sustainable and pollution-free as part of the 9th National Clean Beaches Meeting celebrated in Acapulco Guerrero, ‘Playa Gaviotas’ (seagulls beach) obtained this distinction along with five other resorts in the country.

atardecerClean Beaches Certification ensures that beaches meet the provisions of the norm NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2006 SEMARNAT“Sustainability requirements and specifications of quality of the beaches”. The norm includes environmental measures to protect the environment in the tourist beaches, involving:

  • Water quality.
  • Solid waste.
  • Coastal infrastructure.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Security and services.
  • Environmental education and noise pollution.

Playa Gaviotas is the first certified recreational beach at the state and one of 27 in our country, this will allow that both residents and visitors could enjoy a clean recreation area.

This certification commits the Committee of Mazatlan’s Clean Beaches to continue working to maintain the cleanliness of this resort and to extend the certifications to other parts of the state. That is why you will see along Playa Gaviotas trash deposits and signs of certification and respect in favor of supporting this clean zone.

playahpmIn an interview conducted by the newspaper ‘El Debate’ Isauro Salas, Hotel Playa Mazatlan worker, is indicated that nowadays that all swimmers are briefed properly how to use separators trash deposits before entering the beach area and the beach workers and employees of the hotels are on the lookout for changing plastic bags to prevent that the garbage spills.

All these efforts would be set aside without the involvement of citizens, which is having an excellent response to preserve free sand of plastic, bottles, cigarette butts and other waste, today instead to visit Playa Gaviotas you will appreciate an area free of pollution with hundreds of tourists enjoying the sun and sea of Mazatlan.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan, working TOGETHER for a clean Mazatlan!