nikkeimariolopezvaldezThe National Convention Nikkei 2014 that was held in the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa last weekend, helped to connect entrepreneurs of Mazatlan with Japanese diplomats and businessmen, showing a strong interest in seed trade links between the two countries through the North Economic Corridor linking Matamoros with Mazatlan.

esperanzakasugaMeanwhile, Esperanza Kasuga, President of the Mexico-Japan Association of Mazatlan and organizer, mentioned that four centuries of exchange between the two countries have borne fruit with strong commercial, cultural and social ties and the relationship to Mazatlan goes back 400 years, when a group of Japanese arrived in Mazatlan in 1842 and were aided by the ‘mazatlecos’ defraying expenses for their return.

Rodolfo Madero, leader of Coparmex recognized in Japanese culture of great examples to be learned and spoke of the contacts that have been established for future business between Japanese investors and Sinaloa in the frame of the meeting.