Thanks to the efforts realized by the Government of the Sinaloa in strengthening the security of Mazatlan’s port and for the arduous labor and negotiations made by the Governor Mario Lopez Valdez and his collaborators with shipowners of United States, three major cruise lines announce their return to the beautiful port of Mazatlan, Mexico this fall and early next year 2014:

Holland America Line back in November with Veendam
Norwegian Cruise Line back in December with Norwegian Star
Azamara Club Cruises back in early 2014 with Azamara Quest

As part of the strategy, they presented reports endorsed by federal authorities of the falling trend in crime rates from 2011 that has presented the state, where it has been invested to just over 60 million pesos. In addition, Mazatlan’s destination has created a tourism corridor that connects the tour that the tourists do from the cruise pier to the historical center of the city, covering the main tourist attractions and integrating security cameras working 24 hours a day under the supervision of the local and tourist police.

This certainly is great news for Mazatlan and demonstrates the excellent results that have thrown the program implemented by the Government of Sinaloa to decrease the perception of insecurity with which the port of Mazatlan was catalogued.

Source: Los Angeles Times