Our Values

Honesty: Because the moral compass that guides our decisions is planted in truth and justice, because all of our family of employees values the importance of trust amongst each other and our guests, because we are honest in our quest towards a positive impact to our community, our city and our state.

Kindness/Love: Because kindness is the virtue that allows us to become great by being of service, because kindness has allowed for a generational bond to be established between the hotel and our loyal guest and because the love for our city is demonstrated in the branding and culture of our business.

Loyalty: Because loyalty to our brand and mission allows us to flourish and continue, because loyalty is what we strive to create in the experiences that are generated and propagated through our guests, because the loyalty of our staff has allowed us to create a unique environment.

Responsibility: Because we have the responsibility to our guest to provide a world class experience, because we have the responsibility to our city to represent our culture in a manner which is worthy of it and because we have the responsibility of providing an environment in which our employees can grow personally, spiritually and professionally.

Trust: Because it is paramount to establish trust in our guest if we are to create an unforgettable experience, because trust is the barometer for hope and growth and because we are socially responsible for the trust that our family of employees has placed in our brand.

Justice: Because we always make decisions based on what is just and right, because justice allows for clarity in procedure, because justice is what creates loyalty and trust amongst our piers and employees.

Commitment: Because we are committed to excellence in service, because we are committed to establishing a bond with our guests and because we are committed to our mission and because it is the commitment of our employees to our brand that allows us to establish ourselves as an Icon of tourism in our port.

Respect: Because we are humble enough to understand that respect allows for growth and understanding in industry, because we respect the needs of our city and work towards fulfilling them, because we respect the opportunities that are set before us and because we respect the value of establishing a bond with our employees, guests and fellow citizens.

Gratitude: Because we are grateful to Mazatlan and its citizens for offering us the opportunity to establish ourselves as a business, because we are grateful to our employees and providers whom have given their lives in service to us and because we are grateful to our guest for continuing to provide us with their support and loyalty.