Bill Walls

The first time that I visited the Hotel Playa Mazatlan was in 1978, where it was appreciating a quaint Spanish style and where the great majority of the guests were American young persons who were coming to enjoy their summer vacations to Mazatlan.

Particularly what I like about the Playa Mazatlan is its architecture, its area of beach, the warmth with which they treat the tourist, the quality in its services and the constant renewal that have been maintained over time not only in their public areas but also in its rooms; this undoubtedly had a positive impact making it one of the favorite beach resort for me and my family and which we visit two to three weeks every year in March.

Fortunately, during our visit we had the opportunity to see the beauty that Mazatlan offers to its tourists and also we’ve had the privilege of creating new and great friends of people from the United States, Canada and obviously Mexico.

One of the aspects that I would like to highlight is the hotel staff because always they try to be very useful for the visitor, keeping a polite attitude and always worried by our comfort. Specially I would like to recognize the great service that we have received from Humberto, our beach waiter who always is attentive to our needs, Thelma in the area of Reservations and Elizabeth in Concierge; all of them are excellent persons and very useful for us.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to know Mazatlan, What do you wait? Is a great city with great food, great location and perfect weather.