brasilcarnivalAbout 600 thousand people came together in the area of the Malecon of Mazatlan to witness the long awaited First Parade of Allegoric Cars of the Carnival “Litoralia: Skin of the Sea”.

carnivalparadeThere were over 30 floats which adorned the Malecon of Mazatlan recreating the carnivals of New Orleans, Brazil, Cuba and Venice, accompanied by joyful people whose choreography troupes danced to all who gathered for the parade.

belindamazatlanOne of the most awaited moments by attendees was seeing in one of the allegories the Mexican pop singer Belinda, who with a white dress and with beauty and smile that characterizes illuminated the opening parade.

beautiesofcarnivalSubsequently gave way to moments of gratitude and admiration for who for many years was the designer of the allegoric cars, the artist Rigoberto Lewis, to whom he paid a heartfelt tribute under the shelter of the applause of thousands of people had arrived at the malecon. Notably, the majestic chariot of Carnival Queen was designed by him before his death, and continued by his sister, who left intact the artwork of his brother.

Sea, jungle zafari, lights and multicolor was what could be admired during the first Carnival Parade, which in its first section referring to the Brazilian lands, the second to Venice with its gondolas and partying, the third one, in the music and jazz of New Orleans to finish with the joy and salsa of Cuba.

For today the party continues with the Coronation of the Queen Children, Zuzset I, with a special presentation of juvenile artist Belinda in “Teodoro Mariscal” Stadium, later giving way to the music and fun of Olas Altas that will luxury guest as the Mother of All Bands, Banda El Recodo of Don Cruz Lizarraga.

Continue to enjoy the Mazatlan Carnival 2014 “Litoralia: Skin of the Sea”, undoubtedly the best carnival of Mexico!