Temazcal Experience

For hundreds of years, the indigenous people of Mexico have used the Temazcal, a purifying steam bath, as a cleansing ritual. The Hotel Playa Mazatlan’s pre-Hispanic Temazcal is based on these traditional ceremonial-healing methods used by the Aztecs and Mesoamericans in which the properties of fire and water are used to purify the mind, body and soul. Our on-site Temazcal will transport you to another world, with stone caves and walkways, lush tropical vegetation and an actual babbling brook – a quiet, tranquil hideaway, designed for you to relax and forget about the world outside.

Our trained temazcalera is your guide, leading you or your group through the four puertas, or doors, of the four elements. As water and herbs are poured over hot volcanic rocks, the aromatic steam saturates your skin, cleansing and refreshing your entire body. Tradition says that energies from the center of the Earth and the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Wind – are summoned to harmonize your spirit and body. After each puerta, you may refresh yourself in the cooling waters of our cenote, or swimming grotto.

The results of the Temazcal are felt immediately, including heightened awareness and a state of well-being rarely felt from a conventional spa experience. The Hotel Playa Mazatlan Temazcal experience welcomes singles, couples, families and groups.

* Playa Huanacoa is open only during certain months of the year. Please contact the Concierge for reservations or more information.