Glass Floor Viewpoint Must Visit Attraction in Mazatlan

Mazatlan's LighthouseOne of the new attractions that you must visit if you live or will be visiting Mazatlan is the new Glass Floor Viewpoint located on the top of the largest natural lighthouse in the world.

Located at the southern end of the beautiful bay of Mazatlan on 157 meters of altitude you will find the Cerro del Creston, which is a prominent natural formation that shelters on its top the Lighthouse of the port and where recently built a Glass Floor Viewpoint to contemplate the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Mexico.

The Glass Floor Viewpoint is a structured bridge with metallic profiles oriented to the west and 20 meters long, 10 of them are covered with flagstone and the other 10 with tempered glass reinforced with a polymer, 3 crystals and 2 intermediate plates of safety laminate. To get there you will have to make a walk of approximately 30 minutes (the time may vary according to your physical condition) composed of a footpath and stairway where at different points you will find rest areas that will allow you to have an extraordinary vision of the beautiful views offered by this natural attraction.

From the Glass Floor Viewpoint you will have a unique view of the bay of Mazatlan, from its Historic Center, Paseo Olas Altas, North Beach and its islands that are protected by the flora and fauna found there.

To get to ‘Cerro del Creston’ you can go by bicycle or public transport. If you prefer to take a taxi or go in your car, at the foot of the hill you will find a parking area.

Do not forget to bring liquid to hydrate and comfortable shoes that give support and grip as some parts of the route are irregular. The ideal time to make the ascent and descent are in the early hours of the day or before nightfall and remember that Mazatlan enjoys a warm climate, especially in summer. Also for your comfort the path lighting is activated automatically after sunset.

Glass Floor Viewpoint Thing to do in Mazatlan

Mazatlan’s Glass Floor Viewpoint, an attraction that will surprise you!

Photography: Miguel Ulivarria

Mazatlan on the rise for American Airlines Vacations

Mazatlan on the rise for American Airlines Vacations

American Airlines VacationsIn recent days, the Product Manager for Mexico and Latin America of the travel operator American Airlines Vacations, Liane Augustine, in an exclusive interview with Mazatlan Interactivo, announced that of the 21 tourist destinations operating in Mexico, Mazatlan is the only one which presents solid growth for the season 2017-2018.

For American Airlines Vacations are currently five main tourist destinations in Mexico that they operate: Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cozumel, but in this occasion the destination that is positioned and with the best expectations is undoubtedly Mazatlan, the Pearl of the Pacific.

Liane Augustine believes that these results are the product of the intense marketing campaign that has been made in the United States and Canada, in addition to the improvements in infrastructure and attractions that are being carried out in the port.

For American Airlines Vacations Mazatlan is certainly a destination that has it all, has beautiful beaches, an extensive and beautiful boardwalk, extraordinary climate, delicious cuisine, emblematic Historic Center with cultural events throughout the year, the proximity of Magical Towns, colonial towns , the warmth of its people… Mazatlan, you have to live it!

Meet the Candidates for the Children’s Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival 2018

These three beautiful little ones are competing to become the Children’s Queen of the Mazatlan International Carnival 2018 ‘Patasalada: The Circus of the Talents’ to be held in Mazatlan, Sinaloa from February 8 to 13.

Candidates for the Children's Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival 2018

Shuleyka, Gretel and Camila expect to have your support, so follow each one of their activities and live close the maximum holiday of the port.

Paseo Olas Altas another excellent option in Mazatlan

Paseo Olas Altas MazatlanIn recent days, the Mayor of Mazatlan officially opened the access to Paseo Olas Altas, which was in renovation phase and that from now will become a pedestrian promenade that will contribute to the leisure and recreation of the community of Mazatlan and its visitors.

Every day from 6:00 pm and up to 01:00 am, the Paseo Olas Altas that covered the streets of Malpica and Dr. Hector Gonzalez will close its vehicular area in order that the families come and enjoy the beauty that Mazatlan gives us. It should be noted that the use of bicycles, skateboards and skates will be allowed only for the vehicular channel, since the sidewalks will be of exclusive use for pedestrians or people who wish to admire sitting the sunsets of the port.

This area of Mazatlan will be protected by elements of the Municipal Public Security and where it is expected to prohibit the ingestion of alcohol and prohibited substances to guarantee the safety of the passers-by.

On your next visit to Mazatlan, visit the Paseo Olas Altas, an ideal alternative for children and adults!

The Mazatlan’s Tourist Assistance and Protection Center Coming Soon

The Mazatlan’s Tourist Assistance and Protection Center Coming Soon

As part of the improvements that are being made in the port of Mazatlan in front of the arrival of the Tianguis Turistico 2018 which will take place in the city from April 16 to 19, the state authorities announced the next opening of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (CAPTA) whose objective will be to give security guarantees to the tourist as for example, resolve situations due to bad service or abuses on the part of the service providers, support them in attention, etc.

With the installation of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (CAPTA) Mazatlan wants to tell its visitors that they will have an institution specially designed and made for them, where they will provide full support to make their stay pleasant and exceed their expectations.