A few days ago in press conference the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Cordova Celaya, introduced and welcomed his counterpart from Durango, Mr. Jose Angel Reynosa Gonzalez, who exchanged ideas and projects to strengthen and empower the recent connectivity between Mazatlan and Durango.

durangocentroThat is why the Secretary of Tourism of Durango reported that by the time there are had actions undertaken two major objectives: the promotion of Durango in this holiday season and give a warm welcome to its visitors.

For Mr. Reynosa, from about 2 months ago a strategic campaign began with the slogan: “Visit Durango this Christmas” as for its attractive, Durango is a city that spreads the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

mazatlanmexicoAmong the many attractions that can be enjoyed include: the “Macro Birth”, the show “Christmas Posadas with you” pedestrian routes through the historic center and “Ferreria farm”, between others.

Finally, the two officials stressed the cultural, historical and natural attractions that make of Durango and Mazatlan a powerful tourist magnet … “Durango is a big surprise and if we call the big surprise coupled with the magical world of Mazatlan, because no one will we compete as tourist destinations, as a region and as an aggregate of many values”.