nationaloperationbeachinruleWith the presence of the Federal Attorney for the Environment, Guillermo Haro Belchez and other authorities on environmental and tourism field started in Mazatlan the National Operation Beach in Rule Holy Week 2014 that has as slogan combat illegal trade, pollution and privatization of the beaches.

The National Operation Beach in Rule Holy Week 2014 will be applied in 17 coastal states and 167 municipalities of 11 km from the coast of Mexico, which includes among its priorities:

  • Stop the invasion of ambulant and the disorder in the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat), which will help to control the vendors and merchants on the beaches to promote NO hassling tourists.
  • Check the access of tourists to the federal area beaches.
  • Apply the rules for the protection of the environment and marine species, by what there will not be allowed the use of motorcycles, jeeps and horses.