In order to have an x-ray of what happens every day in the holiday season of Easter and the end of it, the Federal Ministry of Tourism realizes for the first time an evaluation to 5 tourist destinations in Mexico where it is included for its national relevancy the beautiful port of Mazatlan.

For it there is in Mazatlan the deputy director of the Direction of Tourism Destinations of SECTUR, Arturo Morales Maldonado, who coordinates the multidisciplinary work tables that every 24 hours make it a cut of what happens in this season.

Currently the authorities of the three levels work in coordination on three areas:

  • Security and Protection to the Tourist (since it go out of their house until it come to the destination and vice versa).
  • Transit Facilitation (in any vehicle, even walking).
  • Consumer Protection (ensuring that contracts between service providers and consumers are respected).

Mr. Morales Maldonado explained that the work done by the Direction of Tourism Destinations will allow to SECTUR work more closely with the destinations of Mexico and identify needs and areas of opportunity, in order to work on them in favor of Tourism Mexico.