By Jody Sanderson

(April Issue of The Pacific |Pearl magazine)

“Before we go further,” says Brenster, “I have to thank Dr. Francisco Cordova, the Secretary for Tourism in Sinaloa,Mexico, Mazatlan’s Hotel Association, Brooke and Lance of the Hotel Playa Mazatlan, and all of my amazing staff at Brenster Productions for a season of unprecedented firsts.”

The Brenster and Carrum Shows presentation of the Canadian Country Music Series was a heralded success this season, featuring the talented Patricia Conroy, the Good Brothers, Gary Fjellgaard and Joan Kennedy. Each of these unique artists created a program of warmth, talent and authenticity that left each sold out show with a greater appreciation of not only Canadian talent, but also the love of a warm Mazatlan audience.

“As a newcomer on the country music scene in Canada in the 90s, I was given such encouragement and support from these artists”, explains Brent. “I so much wanted to share with them what I have discovered here in Mazatlan.”

This year’s season took three years of planning and work, to create the series Mazatlan was so privileged to discover this year.

The incredibly intuitive Lisa Lankins of Mazatlan, My City, an online magazine in Mazatlan, has coined the term, “Mazatlan is becoming The Music Mecca of Mexico”, and she certainly nailed it with this season’s Brenster Productions concert series shows.

“This show has awakened Mazatlan,” says Lankins. “It is the perfect Las Vegas like show, here in Maz.”

The Hotel Playa Mazatlan is one of the most honored and respected establishments in Mazatlan, and was recently awarded with being named The number one family owned Hotel in all of Mexico.

As a result of this concert series, Mazatlan has booked thousands of extra room nights, that would not have occurred otherwise. As Lance Vient, GM at the Playa Mazatlan would say, “The tan will fade, but the memories will last forever.”

With the support of CKFM 96.5 radio, out of Alberta, and DJ Dan Butler, a contest was held to award a lucky listener with an all expense paid trip, and accommodation to Mazatlan, Mexico, to see The Brenster and Carrum Show. Marian Johnson was the winner of this contest and loved her experience.

“I love Mazatlan, and I love this show.” She brought her best friend. “I would never have believed it,” she said.

Next season will be even bigger and better, Bruce Good, of the Good Brothers, who performed in January and is on the board of directors for the Canadian Country Music Association. “I will help Brent bring every artist I can, from Canada, to perform at this venue.”

The Brenster also has many American fans, and he recognizes they may not have known many of these Canadian artists, but soon became fans of their music and performances.

“I have been fortunate in my career to work with so many talented artists, both in the U.S.A and Canada. ” says Brenster. “Next season, the fans in Maz will see both.”

The Brenster and Tanya Carrum will be rounding out this season with a final presentation of music offerings that will bring this seasons shows to a close on April 11th.

“Because I respect my American friends, next year’s special guest artists will include my friends from the United States” he says. “I have worked with several artists from the States, and next season, I hope to have a special guest on each of the show dates”

Please join us, Friday, April 11th as we say adios to this season.

We hope to see you all next season starting in November at The Brenster and Carrum Country Concert Series Shows here in beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico.