May 29th, 2020

With the firm conviction of ensuring the health and wellbeing of you and your family during your vacation, the Hotel Playa Mazatlan would like to guarantee your safety and health during your holiday. For this reason the hotel has re-enforced and implemented de security and hygiene protocols based on the current coronavirus (COVID-19), in all of our areas of service in the hopes of ensuring your safety during these uncertain times, by completing the process of sanitization of all of our areas, following strict hygiene controls, and repeating these constantly in the hopes of ensuring your tranquility and that you are able to enjoy the destination, we are also certifying the destination and hotel under the PREVERISK guidelines, so that your holidays may be safe and unforgettable.

Our story began 65 years ago, and we have been able to maintain the test of time in the preference of our loyal clients, which ensures that we are the hotel with the most tradition in quality and service in the destination; we invite you to again come and visit the Hotel Playa Mazatlan.

Our #WEWANTYOUHEALTHYANDSAFE program will maintain the following hygiene procedures in order to transform into an even better hotel:

  • The use of Facemasks and gloves inside our facility (by our guests), will be required; as stated by the Health and Center for Disease Control of the State. Please remember that at this time it is important that you travel responsibly, and always consider the security and health recommendations made in order for you to have a safe and satisfactory stay.
  • Temperature checks will be made in the following locations: at arrival, within common service areas, when arriving or leaving the hotel from any of its entrances; we will appreciate your cooperation.
  • Any temperature equal to, or higher than 37.
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    5°C (99.5F), is considered a potential symptom of COVID-19, for which reason, at that moment in time, we will request the support of a medical representative; the doctor will then decide what steps need to be taken.

  • There will be disposable gloves and Facemasks available to all of our guests at the concierge desk, front desk, most of our restaurants and guard shack.
  • The Hotel provides a Sanitization Tunnel for our guests and employees, as well as sanitization mats and the entrance to the hotel and our common areas, for your continued use.
  • Your suitcases and luggage, will be disinfected at the moment of your arrival; using viricide authorized by the regulatory health institutions.
  • The room will have a sanitary seal, which, guarantees that the room has been disinfected via the nebulization system.
  • Various points of sanitization will be presented around the property, for use by our guests (they will provide hand gel, disposable paper towels, viricide solution, pedal operated trashcan, facemasks and gloves) in strategic locations around the hotel.
  • Elevator capacity will be affected, maximum number of users will be reduced to two people at a time (when not related, or travelling together). Guests staying in the same room, may use at the same time, as long as social distancing requirements are being met.
  • Use of inflatables will not be allowed in the pools, as well as the use of personalized mugs and/or containers by our guests, inside our bars.
  • The maximum amount of users in the pools, Jacuzzi, spa and gym will be limited. Use of both the spa and gym will be under previous reservation at the concierge.
  • There will be restrictions in group activities, only activities that do not implicate physical contact will be authorized.
  • All of the Hotel Playa Mazatlán team will utilize Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’): gloves, facemasks and shields (pending their responsibilities).
  • The maximum capacity for our restaurants will be reduced to 50% in accordance with the social distancing guidelines (2m/6.6 feet) established by the Health Department of the State of Sinaloa. In our main restaurant “La Terraza”, assisted Buffet service will be provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner) by our service team.
  • Service in the Venado Show Room will be canceled until further notice, following the Municipal guidelines.
  • The Tejabanes Snack Bar(main pool area) will offer direct to client service pool side, by our wait staff
  • The table settings (silverware and napkins) in our consumption areas will be provided by the hostess once you have been seated.
  • We will ensure the safe distancing parameters established by the oficial guidelines of the certification of 1.80-2.00 mts (5.5-6.0 feet) in all of our public areas and areas of service and consumption.
  • All of our staff will have access to the equipment necessary for them to labor safely, such as face masks, gloves, antibacterial gel and acrylic face covers as needed, in the hopes of preventing direct contact with any guests.
  • All of our employees will receive the protocols and security traning for this COVID-19.
  • Check-in and check-out will be completed by only one person drom the reservations department, when placing a bracelet, this will be done in an individual manner in the lobby or reception area, ensuring the COVID-19 health certification guidelines.
  • Antibacterial dispensers will be placed in strategic locations throughout the property to facilitate proper and consistent usage.
  • In public areas, you will find information about the restrictions and limited access of each individual area, as well in the hopes of ensuring the guidelines established by the certification.

Other areas of the hotel will become available as the health authorities and federal government begin allotting the opportunity to make them available to you, such as events, shows, private meals and parties.

In the case of the spa and gym, we will ensure the proper usage of prior reservations, as well as sporadic cleaning every 20 minutes of the equipment and a complete cleaning after every use.

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The commitment with our guests, buyers, wholesalers, employees and general public of maintaining their loyalty, health and safety is paramount to the hotel, we hope these procedures to allow you not to worry about anything, but enjoying your vacation during your stay, we will take care of the rest!

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Welcome to the Hotel Playa Mazatlan…

Safety and Hygiene Protocols against COVID-19SINCERELY,


* These measures can be updated according to the recommendations issued by our government and health authorities without prior notice.

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