canadiancommunityinmazatlanWith authorities of the Canadian Embassy headed by Rita Rudaitis, Consul General of Canada in Mexico and Wendy Hardouin, Canadian Consul in Mazatlan, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Francisco Manuel Cordova Celaya, distinguished as Travel Ambassadors ten Canadian citizens for the effort and great volunteer work that every year they realize for the well-being and progress of Mazatlan.

These awards went to Ken Albanese, Jack & Valerie Moreau, Oli & Betty Cajanek, Gordon Wainwright, Carol Kirkwood, Susan Reinada, Jam Macdonald and with honorific mention Dorothy Drew and Connie Anderson were distinguished for their humanitarian work in the Gala Hearts for Hospice Dance.

To finish with the distinctions, there was delivered to David Hardouin the “Golden Deer” award, the highest recognition awarded by the Association of Hotels and Mazatlan’s Tourism Companies, for their hard work to attract Mazatlan tourism has played for 40 years.

A special night of togetherness and friendship was enjoyed by attendees rejoicing the musical “Brenster & Carrum Show”, who began to dance and sing to all the guests.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan extends its sincere congratulations to the winners and is grateful for the invaluable effort and affection that our Canadian residents have placed in Mazatlan.