Astronauta monigote Carnaval de Mazatlán 2022As is already a tradition on the eve of the maximum celebration of the port of Mazatlan, the carnival puppets were installed on the boardwalk and Plazuela Machado, figures made of papier-mâché, paint and glitter inspired by the Carnival motto which on this occasion is: “Lanao, the journey continues”.

The illustrator and designer of the Mazatlan Carnival 2022 puppets, the Cuban Henry Wilson, explained that these paper giants represent time travel and all those important events that marked a before and after in our society. Some of the puppets that you will be able to appreciate on this occasion are:

  • Lamplighter of Time: based on the book “The Little Prince” represents loyalty and responsibility and reminds us of the passage of time since its function was to light the lantern when night came and turn it off when day came.
  • The Fantastic Biolocomotor: based on the Industrial Revolution and on the book “The Endless Story” which in the words of its author, is a work that “expresses the desire to find the reality that surrounds us through traveling the opposite way, that is, the internal part of each one that resides in their imagination”.
  • Aerostatic Fish: inspired by the “Nautilus”, a fictional submarine devised by the French writer Jules Verne, which appears in his novels: “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” and “The Mysterious Island”.
  • Astronaut: represents the moment when man first landed on the moon in 1969.

La Biolocomotora Fantástica Carnaval de Mazatlán 2022

On your next visit to Mazatlan, take as a souvenir a photograph with these incredible figures that adorn our beautiful port.

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