Mazatlan, an idyllic beach destination nestled in the mexican pacific, is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations for those fleeing the cold and looking for a warm and cozy environment, since Mazatlan offers to the winter tourism a colonial experience combined with miles of golden beaches.

suncountryAccording to information provided by the Mazatlan Hotel Association, nowadays the destination has a new and extended air transportation service from the United States, within which includes:

Sun Country offering 27 flights twice a week from Minneapolis, operating from December 21, 2013 and closing the winter season on April 6, 2014.

Delta offers flights from Minneapolis four times per week from December 20, 2013 through the first week of April,

These flights represent 9,600 seats from Minneapolis to Mazatlan, an increase of 237% over the number of seats from the previous season and currently winter bookings for autumn season reflecting a growth of 18% over the previous year.

These numbers go align with the good results registered in the current summer season predicted to be one of the best in terms of number of visitors.

clavadistaMazatlan, now known as “The Colonial City on the Beach” offers a wide range of attractions to its visitors to enjoy it by itself, with your family or with your couple, such as:

Gcatedralmazatlanolden Zone – holds one of the main beach areas and hotel facilities of the port, available a wide range of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

Historical Center – framed with a beautiful neoclassic tropical architecture, the visitor will be able to enjoy an evening in a good coffee shop, the beauty of theCathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a visit to one of the oldest markets the port, “The Pino Suarez Market”, tasting delicious dishes in one of the restaurants in the Plazuela Machado accompanied by live music from all genres and to continue enjoying the Angela Peralta Theater which are planning as part of its winter attractions a number of cultural programs including classical music performances, plays and Beethoven Festival.

Come to enjoy Mazatlan and explore each of its individualities that as tourist destination offers to its visitors and discover why it is also recognized as a gem of Mexico, “The Pearl of the Pacific”.