How do I change money?

How do I change money?


For your convenience, money changing is available at the front desk of Hotel Playa Mazatlan’s main lobby. Elsewhere, ’casas de cambio’ (money changing stations) and banks will change U.S. dollars and traveler’s checks for pesos. While ’casa de cambio’ rates may run a few pennies higher than banks, they are found everywhere, open longer hours and usually have much shorter lines. Some of the larger restaurants, hotels, and shops may accept U.S. dollars.

All Banks are open Mondays – Fridays, almost all from 9 am to 5 pm. Some are open Saturday mornings.

Important. As of June 21st, 2010 the banks will change only US$300.00 daily and up to US$1,500.00 in one month, that is per person and you have to show your passport to the teller.



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