moduloprofecoIn order to provide a secure and transparent Mazatlan, during the maximum holiday of the port, International Carnival 2014 “Litoralia: Skin of the Sea”, the Federal Consumer Protection (PROFECO) will install temporary modules to receive complaints and to verify irregularities that report tourists and local community against abuse in hotel rates.

In a statement, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa Francisco Cordova Celaya said that, to avoid the rate increase or conditioning room service, modules at strategic points of the port will be installed, which will provide better service and projection of Mazatlan ensuring visitors and citizens that the authorities were working hard to prevent the abuses of some businessmen.

In addition, from today and permanently, will launch the Consumer Care Center to be located in the Ministry of Tourism to serve all tourists efficiently and create an awareness of attention with excellence.

That is why we invite you to attend these service modules to report any anomaly during your stay in Mazatlan, so that gives you the advice and follow you deserve.

Secretariat for Tourism Building
882 Del Mar Avenue, Fracc. Telleria
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
(01 800) 468 8722