Accompanied by hundreds of children, youth and adults, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton, officially began on Sunday February 23rd, the Permanent Reforestation Campaign in Mazatlan with the firm intention to strengthen the culture of care for the environment.


Under the slogan: Planting, Care and Lives, the Permanent Reforestation Campaign invites all families to join this effort to the environment by planting a tree as a small contribution to the planet.

During the start of the campaign with the support of more than 800 people managed to plant a thousand trees black olive, amapa and neem in an area of 2.6 km in Perez Escobosa Avenue and to date the Mazatlan City Council carries planted 7,800 trees in different parts of city.

For a clean Mazatlan, Let us join to this noble Reforestation Campaign!