Thanksgiving Day HistoryThanksgiving Day is a beautiful tradition that is celebrated in the United States on the last Thursday of November and in Canada on the second Monday in October.

But do you know what the origin of Thanksgiving is and what traditions accompany it? Read on and learn more about this important holiday.

According to historians, this celebration dates back to the year 1620 when dozens of English settlers landed in the city of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where winter was just beginning. As they were deprived of the most essential to survive, many of them began to get sick until death, materializing a great crisis for them.

In the spring of 1621 the native Wampanoag Indians went to meet them to teach them how to till and hunt their own lands, which allowed to the English men to be supplied of their own food.

After a few months, during the autumn, the harvest of the settlers (especially corn) was a great success and in gratitude invited the Indians to a large dinner where they shared the food collected. This thank-you dinner continued to be celebrated year after year, making “the harvest party” became what we now know as Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Traditions

On this special date it is tradition that family and friends come together to enjoy an abundant dinner whose goal is to give thanks to a supreme being for all the benefits received during the year.

Undoubtedly, one of the elements that can’t be missed in this celebration is the traditional stuffed turkey and this is because the Indians when they went to the special dinner offered by the English took to share a turkey and since then is presented as the main dish of the night.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Likewise, certain events that have become traditional on this date have been joined, such as the parade of the Macy’s commercial chain in Manhattan, or the typical Black Friday discounts or the performance of important NFL games.

Joy, pumpkin desserts, autumn colors and that feeling of festivity and gratitude is what surrounds the Thanksgiving Day, so if you celebrate this day, enjoy it with the beings you love most and keep this tradition alive.