Dear valued guests, and friends:

As the problem with the COVID19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, the Hotel Playa Mazatlan has been able to maintain all of the requirements that have set forth by the government to ensure both the safety and health of our guests and employees.

Our goal with maintaining these requirements was to ensure we could maintain offering service to the guests that visited us over these last two weeks of uncertainty. Up until now we had been able to continue offering the service that has distinguished us and maintained us as you hotel of preference.

Over the last 65 years of history, the hotel has endured through multiple economic depressions, epidemics and numerous social and financial problems. Yet the current situation and hazards against public health is of a different nature, and requires us to take radical action in the hopes of following the instructions being given. For this reason, it will be necessary to completely close reservations and operations of our facility starting today.

We are sure that with your support and the tradition of hospitality that has recognized us as an iconic emblem to the hotel service in the city since 1955, we will have the opportunity to host you again in the near future, and provide us with the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones, once again.

Oficial Report:

  1. CLOSING. Hotel Playa Mazatlán, all of its areas of service, housing, restaurants and operational areas, will remain closed between 04/01/20 and 04/30/20. Following Federal Decree.
  2. RESERVATION DATE CHANGES. As we begin re-opening, we appreciate your collaboration and support in continuing to work together. Even when there persists a level of uncertainty in travelling, we offer you the following criteria which will be taken:
  • Our clients will have the opportunity to change their reservation dates for a future date, valid through December 31, 2020, considering that new rates will apply.
  • TRAVEL AGENTS AND OTAS (ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY): The client must communicate the date changes directly with their agent in order to confirm availability.
  • WHOLESLAER AND DIRECT CLIENTS: Must contact the reservations office directly.
  • GROUPS AND CONVENTIONS: Will be allowed to change dates to a future date through December 20th, 2020. If the group rate is lower at the moment of confirming their new reservation, there will be an adjustment made for the difference.


  • Feel free to reach out, using one of the following methods:

                HOTEL PHONE NUMBER: USA:1 800 762 5816, CANADA: 1 866 547 5447 / 669-989-0555



                WHATSAPP: 669-158-0328

  • Our hours of service will be as follows:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 09:00 – 13:00 Hrs.

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

We again thank you for your infinite support and understanding. We show solidarity towards you in these difficult times, and hope that we will soon have the opportunity to enjoy in creating new unforgettable memories, and offer you service in your home away from home – The Hotel Playa Mazatlan.






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