Programación de Shows Mayo 4-10


Program of Activities
Saturday May 3- Opening of exhibition and workshops and book sales.
- Cocktail of letters with publications of the Sinaloa Institute of Culture.
- Tribute to two protagonists of literary dissemination in Mazatlan.
Sunday May 4- Lecture on the history of the relationship between the visual arts and literature.
- Exhibition of novels awarded with the National Prize Valladolid to the Letters.
Monday May 5- Closing Workshop.
- Overview of Gothic Literature.
- Journalist Hector Guardado speak on Literature and Journalism in Mazatlan.
Ceremonies- Ritual of fishermen dreams.
- Opening Ceremony.
- Tribute to Dr. Jesus Kumate.
- Time Capsule.
- Gala Dinner.
Master Lectures- 400 years of diplomatic and trade relations between Mexico and Japan.
- The future of trade relations.
- Nikkei, a vision for the future.
Doing Business- Expo Business.
- Business Meetings.
- Job Fair.
- Exchanges and Scholarships Opportunities.
Photo Expo- The first immigrants.
Cultural Evening- Angela Peralta Theater.
Social and Cultural Activities- Origami, ideas on paper.
- Shodo, artistic writing.
- Ikebana, floral arrangements.
- Kitsuke, the art of wearing kimono.
- Biyo, for your best look.
- Seafood Platter.
- Carnival Night.
- Dinner on the Plazuela Machado.
For Youth- Karaoke Night.
- Rally for Mazatlan.