Thanks to its privileged geographical location the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa offers to its residents and visitors a wide variety of sports and recreation but…

Do you know what is the king of sports in our state?

Effectively, the Baseball.

monument_baseballplayerThe story takes us back to the era of the businessman Don Teodoro Mariscal Ahumada who in a taxi toured the coast of Mexico from Mazatlan to Hermosillo promoting the initiative to consolidate a circuit of professional baseball in the Pacific Coast. Thus was born the Professional Baseball League of the Pacific Coast that managed to show for the first time the King of Sports in its professional nature.

On November 20, 1942 was inaugurated Mazatlan baseball stadium which was later named “Teodoro Mariscal” in honor of who was a fundamental part in the history of the baseball of the port.

The Teodoro Mariscal Stadium is the stage of the ‘Venados de Mazatlan’ (Mazatlan Deers), professional baseball team of first class that participates in the Mexican Pacific League, where the highest level championship is played during the winter in Mexico and whose champion represents the country in Caribbean Series.

Thus, in a tribute to the baseball club, Mazatlan Deers, their fans and history, was placed in front of the Hotel Olas Altas Inn the Monument to the Baseball Player by the artist Antonio Lopez Sainz for tourists and Mazatlan community have the opportunity to appreciate and take a photo with one of the symbols representative of the port.

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