thinkpositivejorgefloresOn Tuesday September 10 in the Gaviotas venue of Hotel Playa Mazatlan, the out-standing lecturer and businessman Jorge Flores Kelly gave a Magistral Conference which was entitled “Mexico Think Positive” where the leader affirmed “to know more Mexico and believe that is a better country than they paint it will help to project it this way, as a future economic power”.

conferencemexicothinkpositiveOrganized by Coparmex Canacintra and Transformacion Organizacional (Organizational Transformation), the conference “Mexico Think Positive” was attended by over 400 people consisting mainly by businessmen, young students and employees from different local companies who were caught by the exhibition of Kelly Flores on having informed real data of our country and projections.

mexicothink+Jorge Flores Kelly noted that “countries that traditionally were pushed the economic growth were United States, Europe and Japan. We are seeing now that these countries have reached a certain maturity in their populations and economies that do not grow as easily. What is the impact? Is that countries that are going to grow in the coming years are emerging economies, including Mexico.”

He also assured that the hard data show that Mexico is one of the countries that have the greatest contribution to the world economy; it will be the fifth power in the coming years. He regretted that many Mexicans still believe that there is no progress or prosperity. And the negative comments manage to take root so much in the citizens that the topics of weak and poor are part of family conversations.

Jorge Flores Kelly, who was born in Mazatlan, is a natural leader and visionary with a multifaceted and impressive career based international education and extensive professional experience in both: the public and private sectors. He is a creator of the civil project ‘The Catalyst’ and author of the book ‘Mexico Think’.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan extends its sincere congratulations to Kelly Flores and all the team that made possible the realization of this kind of event in Mazatlan.