electioncarnivalqueenOn Saturday night February 15th the iconic Angela Peralta Theater was the perfect setting to celebrate the election of Mazatlan’s Carnival Queen 2014, where the beauty, charm and elegance of the participants stressed on stage and their friends and family from their seats with joy and warmth accompanied them in this great memorable night for everyone.

With a great artistic show, under the direction of Maestro Horacio Lecona, beginnings the celebrations, evoking through dance, visual projections, music and energy carnivals of Venice, New Orleans, Cuba and Brazil, with the excellent participation of the Classic Ballet Company, the Professional Dance School of Mazatlan and 18 dancers from Mexico City.

There were three stages of evaluation to which the participants underwent: coctail dress catwalk, questions and evening dress, which the jury headed by Dr. Jorge Fuentevilla, qualified beauty, scenic domain, public domain, intellect security, among others.

lorenalizarragaThe contest was hard but the naturalness, humility and depth of the response of Lorena Lizarraga in the stage of questions not only won applause from the audience that made it stand out in the competition but also allowed her to have the title of the new Mazatlan Carnival Queen 2014, accumulating a maximum score of 156 votes. Very close to her Marcela Valdez who is now the new Queen of the Floral Games with a final score of 154 votes.marcelavaldez

Later, at the offices of the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan, the imposition of bands was held at Prince of Joy, Juan Osuna, the King of Joy, Adolfo Blanco “The Artist”, the Queen of Poetry Ivanna Romero and Child Carnival Queen, Zuszet Guevara.

Only 11 days separate us to start with the maximum holiday or the port, so reserve your place and live with us Mazatlan Carnival 2014 “Litoralia: Skin of the Sea”.