Stone Island

stoneislandpierThe city of Mazatlan, known as the Pearl of the Pacific for its beautiful beaches, the excitement of its people and its rich marine life and cuisine, is located northwest of Mexico and is the second most important town in the state of Sinaloa.

The beauty of this port is framed by countless natural attractions, within which stands the famous Stone Island offers miles of virgin beaches with lush vegetation and diversity of seabirds.

The Stone Island located south of Mazatlan and about 5000 inhabitants offers one of the largest coconut plantations in the world. To get there you can make a short trip by boat or by road, but well worth the experience to live in typical boats outboard engines where you can see the cliffs and the majestic natural harbor lighthouse.

stoneisland_palmtreesAmong the activities available during your stay in the Stone Island include: taking ground transportation for a trip around the island, walks on virgin beaches, camping, horseback riding, water sports (jet skiing, surfing, the traditional banana), sand games (volleyball, soccer) and certainly can not fail to enjoy its quiet beaches and gentle waves of the sea.

The gastronomy of the island is another charm that should take and who have settled many restaurants where the main dish is Fish Zarandeado, a variety of seafood prepared with the seasoning of the port and the traditional coco drink.

We can not fail to mention the ecological aspect of the island where you can see many species of marine and terrestrial fauna and a nourished typical local flora, such as mangroves, wild flowers, fruit trees, among others.

Go to Stone Island and learn and explore all the attractions is an experience to live and enjoy when visiting in Mazatlan.

Be left to wrap for the beauties of our port and know a bit about the wealths of Mexico.


Vive Mazatlan, Vive Mexico!

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