Mazatlan’s Lighthouse

Considered one of the biggest natural lighthouse of the world, Mazatlan’s Lighthouse is located in the top of the hill of Creston, to the south end of the city close to the crafts of sports fishing.

With a length of 641 meters and an altitude of 157 meters above sea level, Mazatlan’s Lighthouse was built in the era of Porfirio Díaz in the Creston’s Island, which stopped being on having joined to the port for the wide and most beautiful breakwater.

For being established on a magnificent natural formation and for having a geographical and luminous significant scope for the maritime crafts, Mazatlan’s Lighthouse is one of the more important ecological and tourist places of the port. With a pyramidal form and slopes, the lighthouse possesses deep caverns on the seaward side which emerge legends of treasures, but are considered extremely dangerous because of its currents.

This attractive place is visited every day by hundreds of tourists and local visitors who use a natural rough way and rustic stairs spoilt to come up to the top, where the effort impregnated in the ascent is rewarded by spectacular panoramic view over Mazatlan’s city.

Fall in love with Mazatlan through its natural attractions.

An adventure to enjoy!

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