Mazatlan’s Diver

Mazatlan, one of the best beach resorts in Mexico located on the Pacific coast and famous for its climate, cuisine and people; has many natural and tourist attractions that have turned it into one of the Jewels of the Mexican Pacific.

One of the main attractions of the port and you can not stop enjoying is the spectacle that by day and by night offering the locals in the “Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada” Square, better known as “The Diver”, and this is where young people give simple of courage and skill to jump off the highest point of a staircase towards the entry of the sea crashing against the rocks of the seawall.

This impressive exhibition you will be able to appreciate on the “Paseo Claussen”, called this in honor to the German Jorge Claussen, visionary businessman who lived in the port for many years and designed the viewpoints and part of this walk where you can admire the beauty of the history of our port.

Visit Mazatlan and discover why it is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”.

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