Mazatlan’s Cathedral

In ancient Mexico to represent the ecclesiastical power were built majestic“Cathedrals” which symbolized the economic and social power at that time served the Church in Mexican society.

The Cathedral is a temple of singular beauty where presiding Bishop to lead his Christian flock. One of the first names which were known is ecclesia mater which emphasizes the role of mother to the rest of the diocese (Christian district where a prelate exercising ecclesiastical jurisdiction).

The construction of the Cathedral in Mazatlan began in 1856 under the leadership of Bishop Pedro Loza and Pardavé and designed and built by Mr. Estanislao León, to be completed in 1899. Its foundation was made possible by large financial contributions that gave the most important merchants and industrialists Catholic of the city.

Located in the heart of Mazatlan, where the government building, the Republic Square and one of the most popular shopping areas of the port, the Cathedral of Mazatlan was solemnly consecrated and dedicated to the Immaculate Conception in 1938.

It was not until May 7, 1899 when officially opened the doors of this temple to bless and consecrate their inner altars through a religious ceremony which was attended by the most respectable families of the port.

With a Gothic influence on the outside, framed by two monumental towers, the Cathedral of Mazatlan has within three altars decorated with a sublime mix of Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical architecture with beautiful statues of Italian manufacturing. Its atrium houses three magnificent monuments lattice which represents Christ as King and the Indian Juan Diego showing his “ayate” with the miraculous appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga.

Mazatlan’s Cathedral has four side altars where one of them are the remains of the first bishop who was the diocese in Mazatlan, His Excellency Don Miguel García Franco (RIP) and the Fathers Lacarra and José Ruiz (the latter was the one who finished construction).

In the back of the main altar is under a dome of marble, a delicate sculpture of the Immaculate Conception and a beautiful mural depicting the Holy Trinity surrounded by angels and other heavenly creatures. During the tour inside the temple, you can admire the frescoes of religious scenes dating back to 1942.

In spite of the whole beauty that it wraps to Mazatlan’s Cathedral, his real jewel is a majestic organ constructed in Paris by the manufacturer Aristide Cavaillie that though it is not known the exact date in which it was acquired, journalistic information of the epoch they indicate that On May 17, 1899 it was touched by the first time to delight to the catholic company of the port.

Permanently there are carried out carefully works of remodeling and architectural and ornamental recovery, recently it was achieved to install a spectacular lighting that every night adorns Mazatlan’s center.

When you visit Mazatlan do not miss this monumental temple, an architectural beauty of the city!

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