Mazatlan Aquarium

Mazatlan Aquarium opened its doors in 1980 by initiative of the Sinaloa state government at that time was chaired by Mr. Alfonso G. Calderón with the main aim of giving people an educational and recreation on the environment and its wildlife.

Mazatlan Aquarium currently part of the “Forest City” a tourist complex comprising a playground, a lake for boating, outdoor theater, a planetarium and a botanical garden.

Among the attractions you can find at the Mazatlan Aquarium include:

Oceanic Fish Tank – Space dedicated to accommodate species harvested from the Gulf of California, which is considered a natural aquarium fish diversity that inhabit it. Some of the fish that can be admired through this tank are: Lemon Sharks, Giant Grouper Fish, Olive Ridley, Hawksbill Turtle, among others.

Aquariums – There are two types of tanks, 34 saltwater and 17 freshwater that contain a total of 300 species such as Sea Horses, Jellyfish, Lionfish, Red Tail Catfish, Pangasius, Tents and other. There is also a central pond which held three exhibitions of diving per day.

Maritime Museum – Area where you can admire through photographs, paintings, fossils and collections of shells and snails, the evolution of marine life.

Frog Pond – Currently there are over 4,000 species of amphibians, of which 363 are in Mexico. Mazatlan Aquarium opens this space to exhibit the typical species of this region which are mostly salamanders, frogs and toads.

Sea Lion Show – The “Lobario” Mazatlan Aquarium opened its doors in order to raise awareness among visitors about the care and respect for these animals. Currently the family of lions consists of: Bony, male 300 kg., Toby, Cili, Ely, Lili and Tito is the youngest of the artists. For care you have different salt ponds, veterinarians who care them for the physical, emotional and nutritional integrity.

Diving Exhibition – Through this activity you will experience a real approach to species that inhabit our seas, including: Shark species Gata, Carey, Striped Owl, Hawk and 50 fish of various species. To carry out first you will receive a brief explanation of the biology, physiology, reproduction and hunting habits of these animals, then you will be given a little tutorial on how to use the basic diving equipment, such as display, snorkel, fins and leads, to finally swim in the interior of the tank and have access to safe physical contact with these species.

Bird Theatre – Since 1991, the theater provides a wonderful birds show that tests the ability to learn from birds, which began with the acquisition of two Scarlet Macaws and two Moluccan Cockatoos.

Bird – Opened in 1992 with the aim to exhibit the typical species of the region include: Peacocks, Brown Pelican, Quail, Paloma Alablanca, endangered species as Frentinaranja Pericos, Macaw, Lilac-crowned Parrot, among others.

Enjoy all the activities offered by Mazatlan Aquarium and be an active promoter of the respect for the environment and his animals.

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