Las Labradas

In a small port called Barras de Piaxtlain the town of San Ignacio, to the south of Sinaloa’s state, is located on the beach a beautiful archaeological site called “Las Labradas”.

“Las Labradas” is a set of petroglyphs dating from the IX and X. These abstract expressions represent the testimony of hundreds of years of symbolic tradition elaborated in stone by the ancient native of the American continent. Their importance is that they are a testament to the beliefs of the ancient inhabitants, of the real and sacred.

“Las Labradas” Toltec origin are artistic expressions that were carved into solid and sharp stones, it is known that the religious leader of the Toltecs, who was the guardian of tradition and social stability, carved into the rock what it saw in dreams and visions. To the surprise of many, “Las Labradas” are in an excellent state of preservation in spite of the environment to which they are exposed, because it is a work that you can admire in the sea shore.

The National Institute of Archaeology and History has conducted research on petroglyphs in the region and is considered one of the most important rock art in the America continent where you will find diverse forms carved of plants, flowers, fish, humans and zoomorphic.

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