El Quelite

Located one hour from the port of Mazatlan, El Quelite is a town founded on the 19th century and which appeared in the map of Mexico during the Mexican Revolution.

Home of just 1,700 people, El Quelite enjoys a warm climate and narrow cobbled streets decorated with horses and small wagons; the roofs of their houses are mostly covered with small reddish shingles or tiles that provide a pleasant atmosphere and its inhabitants still preserve the custom of placing chairs outside their homes to sit in the evenings and watch the locals and visitors. They like to keep gardens and trees and preserving old houses with its original architecture.

The region of El Quelite is very prosperous and its main activities are livestock, raising farm animals and planting. One of the trades that have given reputation and identity is the “Mexican Charrería”  sport has become a lifestyle for those who practice it, so it’s not uncommon finds a rider wearing his trademark suit walking through the cobbled streets of the town.

One of the peculiarities of this town is the Ballgame Ulama, pre-Hispanic tradition of Olmec origin that today is very popular among young people and which is also the only place in the country where it is still alive and practice it.

The star of the Ulama is a hard rubber ball that weighs between eight and eleven pounds. Comprised of two teams, each has twelve members and the aim is that the ball never hits the ground, the only body part that is allowed to use to achieve this is the hip and to protect the force and speed with which throws the ball, players use a skirt made of deerskin.

Another of the highlights of this town is its gastronomy that reflects the typical flavor of the food in rural areas of Sinaloa, which is well represented in “The Mesón de los Laureanos” restaurant lodged in an old house whose interior is decorated with beautiful murals of native painter Jorge Larreta. The “Mesón de los Laureanos”is a tradition not to be missed, as its hospitality and extensive menu of more than 100 specialties will conquer your heart and palate. Among its specialties include roast quail, pozole, homemade buttermilk and local breads known as coricos, cortadillos, arepas, handmade tortillas and domestic cheeses.

On your next visit to the state of Sinaloa know this beautiful colonial town that will leave fond memories of a great vacation.

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