Beautifull Villages

The success of Mazatlan as a tourist spot is inextricably linked to the picturesque towns that surround it. Each town is distinctive in its own history, most of them founded even before Mazatlan itself. El Quelite, Concordia, El Rosario, Copala and Cosala are now visited by thousands of tourists from Mexico and the world.

Cosala is located 155 km. from state capital Culiacan. The Royal of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, shortened its name to the Royal Mines of Cosala is the municipal seat and without doubt one of the most beautiful villages of the state, keeping a quiet atmosphere that seems like you are in a story book. As if history had stopped in the times of the Spaniards. Every little street is a delight. One would want to stay at least a couple of days in Cosala. Something in the air inspires romance, an ideal place for lovers…

Francisco Iriarte y Conde, first governor of the state declared Cosala the capital of the western state in 1826. He introduced printing in the Sonora and Sinaloa and it was in Cosala that the first newspaper of Sinaloa, “The Impartial Spectator” was published.

In its surroundings there are attractive places as the Vado Hondo waterfall and town reservoirs “Comedero” and “El Salto” a few miles from town. Both these lakes are stocked with large mouth bass. The museum of Mineralogy is highly interesting, it mainly displays photographs and documents on the history of mining in Sinaloa.

Cosala was the dominant region in the social and political life of the State of Sinaloa until it became its capital in the early independent Mexico.

Cosala is a picturesque colonial town surrounded by myriad of natural attractions. Among the major places to enjoy in the surrounding area are:

  • The Vado Hondo Resort, located fifteen kilometers from Cosala.
  • The Caudal del Arroyo del Sabinal which has a large natural pool with three waterfalls that make it a perfect place for picnics.
  • The Gruta Mexico, a giant cave with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.
  • The Santa Ursula Temple, built in the XVIII century which represents the most significative church of Cosala.
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