The Posadas

joseymariaThe Posadas are festivals that are celebrated in Mexico on Christmas Eve (16 to December 24) to remember the journey that made ​​Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem to wait for the birth of Jesus.

piñataAccording to the tradition “The Posadas” appeared in our country from the Pre-Hispanic times where our ancestors celebrated the advent of Huitzilopochtli (god of war) during the winter or Panquetzaliztli, which coincided with the time when the Europeans celebrate Christmas. These celebrations were changing when the indigenous people was evangelized by the Spanish, who gave to the Aztecs Holidays a Christian sense, replacing the image of Huitzilopochtli by Joseph and Mary, who would serve as preparation to receive Jesus in their heart the Christmas day.

poncheThe Posadas are one of the most popular traditions in Mexico and are held in neighborhoods and houses whose streets are adorned with threads of hay, lanterns and itched paper. When asking for shelter, tradition tells us that Joseph and Mary had to go door to door asking for shelter, therefore, attendees must form two groups: one enters to the house and other one will be the one who asks put imitating Joseph and Mary when they came to Bethlehem. People who were inside the house, they must deny the pilgrims inn two or three times.

When finally the pilgrims are received, will sing carols (traditional songs), break piñatas and typical saucers of the season are tasted, such as tamales, atole, chocolate, pumpkin fritters, among others. This tradition is repeated for nine days by honoring the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy, culminating with Christmas.

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