Mazatlan’s Inter Carnival 2013

From February 7 to 12 Mazatlán will dress party with the Mazatlán’s Inter Carnival 2013 in its edition 114, whose preparations glimpse beyond previous editions.

Mazatlán’s Inter Carnival, considered one of the best in Mexico, every year brings thousands of “Mazatlecos” and and foreign visitors, as during the six days it offers a number of activities that you will be able to enjoy in Family, such as:

The coronation of the King of the Happiness, Queen of The Floral Games, Infantile Queen and Queen of Mazatlan’s Inter Carnival 2013, which feast is accompanied by a live show with the participation of the best schools in Dance and the presentation of an inter artist.

For two days one presents a Parade of Beautiful Allegoric Cars that adorn the levee and whose groups and comparsas encourage the way.

desfile_1There is also the Burning of “Mal Humor” where always choose a controversial personage of Mexico and the incomparable “Naval Battle”that recreates the heroic defense of the city during the attempt of invasion that suffered in 1864 by the French corvette Cordeliere. During the spectacle Mazatlán’s sky covers of colors with the impressive deployment of fireworks, laser and sound that transform the sky into a living spectacle.

Another of the shows is the “Evening of the Arts”, the “Dance of Looks”“The Infantile Dance”, the “Inter Pacific Queen Contest” and makes the delivery of awards to local artists and poets.

Experiences Mazatlan and enjoy all the beauties and attractions that offers to its visitors!