touristaidevolunteerOn February 11th the Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers organization known as the “Blue Shirts” who in a voluntary and organized way assists the foreign tourists who visit Mazatlan, completed its third anniversary of integration and unconditional participation for what Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel joins the recognition that makes the Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa for the important work that volunteers have played for the benefit of Mazatlan and foreign visitors.

Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers is an organization founded by Roger Culbertson, North American born in California, who sought to help the Americans, Canadian or any other nationality tourists during their visit to Mazatlan, by providing the port tourist information, talking about their main attractions, lodging facilities, restaurants, beaches and support centers for tourists.

mazatlantouristaidevolunteersNowadays, Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers is composed by a group of 75 active volunteers, of which many are permanent residents, foreigners who spend the winter in Mazatlan and Mexicans who without ends of profit offer their time to this remarkable activity.

Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel extends its most sincere congratulations and appreciation for the invaluable work that members of Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers have been going on for three years, hoping for these to multiply much longer.