maleconmazatlanAuthorities and Entrepreneurs work on the details for the thousands of tourists who choose the beautiful port of Mazatlan to vacation during the Holy and Easter Week to be held in Mexico in the middle of April, giving priority to the security and increasing tourist port, thus projecting a spectacular destination with many options for fun and entertainment, in a secure and trusted environment.

The Official Mayor, Salvador Reynosa Garzon said that sectors have agreed that safety is a priority issue for Mazatlan, so that within the improvements that will be implemented this year are:

1. An ordained destiny. Ensuring traffic flow, beaches and recreation areas clean and safe, informing that Mazatlan has spaces of fun for all ages and tastes.

2. Public road. Street vendors and free access to the roadways and public areas will be regulated.

plazuelamachadoWhat is looked with these improvements is that people, who have the opportunity to meet Mazatlan, enjoy their stay and go away with a good image of the port, with desire of return and continue discovering the “Pearl of the Pacific”.

Mazatlan, Live it to Believe it!