Carnival of Cleanliness in MazatlanWith great pride and a special recognition to the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, the Operator and Administrator of Beaches and collaborators of the hotels: Pueblo Bonito, Luna Palace, Pacific Palace, Oceano Palace, Star Palace, Mision, Quijote Inn, The Local, El Cid, Freeman, Inn at Mazatlan, Costa de Oro, Royal Villas, Ocean View, Holiday Inn, Las Flores, Hotel Playa Mazatlan, Ramada, Emporio and Monfort College who joined the titanic work of go and clean 3.5 kilometers of beach and with their commitment and work made it possible the Carnival of Cleanliness in Mazatlan.

During the tour, 212 kilograms of waste were recovered, such as plastics, cigarette butts, unicel, aluminum, screw caps and hazardous waste.

Visit us on our Facebook Page to have access to videos that were taken during this clean-up day as well as the opportunity to continue to insist on the importance of maintaining clean our beaches; allows with your example, both you and your family and friends can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in clean beaches and with the consciousness to be respectful with the environment that surrounds us.



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