mazatlanairportIn the presence of the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Carlos Felton Gonzalez, General Manager OMA (Mexican Airport Operator), Porfirio Gonzalez Alvarez, and some business leaders and officials, gave the official green light to start work of remodeling and expansion of Mazatlan International Airport “Rafael Buelna” with an investment of 90 million pesos is expected into a complex edge.

tradingplatformThe Chairman of the Airport Group OMA, Diego Quintana Kaguage, said that in the Mazatlan International Airport will be invested 240 million pesos between 2011 and 2015 in order to “provide greater comfort and safety for passengers and visitors, incorporating elements cutting-edge design with a makeover, and reconfiguration of spaces to create a balance between the transaction flows and passenger services”.

Within the substantial improvements that will be counted are: changes in the front, in the area of documentation and registration of domestic and international passengers, an extension shall be made in the commercial areas, the national gate will reconfigure adding in addition two passenger jetways of recent generation and the trading platform will be expanded to give it major capacity, since the arrival of more aircraft are expected.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Manuel Cordova Celaya, said that the new airport will strengthen the development of Mazatlan, allowing further growth as one of the best beach destinations in Mexico.