As one of the most important and ambitious road projects of the President Felipe Calderón’s administration, the Mazatlan – Durango highway, a project that will change the economic life among the northern states of the country, is a work that includes more than 60 tunnels and over 115 bridges along the road and that plans to open at the end of the 2012.

According to declarations provided by the head of the Ministry of Communications and Transport, the President Felipe Calderón has assigned high priority to the improvements of the infrastructure in coverage, quality, safety and competitiveness as a prerequisite to raise the performance of the economy.

The Mazatlan – Durango highway is one of the most sophisticated and complicated to have been built in the history of Mexico by the orography that it must cross, but it is expected (in long-term) looks the economic benefits to the entities in the northwest and north of the country.