From September 7 to October 31, the main cultural venues of Mazatlan will shine with the great events that the Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2018 will offer, where 811 artists from Mexico, Argentina, Georgia, India and Cuba will impregnate with their talent this wonderful festival that has been cataloged as one of the main forums of artistic expressions in Mexico.

The Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2018 will offer shows at the Angela Peralta Theater, Casa Haas Museum, Angela Peralta Gallery, Villa Union, the Park of the Sister Cities and under the program of ‘Culture close to you’ the neighborhoods ‘Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Lomas del Ebano and Infonavit Alarcon’ will have access to this cultural festival in outdoor and completely free presentations.

Check out the official billboard of the Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2018 and enjoy in family this cultural festival of the Pearl of the Pacific.

Events Program Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2018