Things to Do in Mazatlan

Primarily due to the enthusiasm of its people and the satisfaction shown by the participants, the events organized in Mazatlan have a distinctive nature: they stay forever.

Mazatlan is the tourist destination with the greatest number o permanent events, as exemplified by those of great tradition and history, such as Mazatlan Mardi Gras, celebrated for the last 113 years. Others endure beacause of their intrinsic cultural connection to this city, such as the Mazatlan Cultural FestivalThe Sinaloa Art Fairand the Book Fai.

Sporting events include the professional Baseball Season, the Pacifico Marathon, theGran Pacifico Triathlon, the Canadian PGA Tour and the El Cid Marina Billfish Classic, among others. As of 2011, Mazatlan will be the site of the Inter Iron Man, which attracts over 2,000 athletes from around the world.

Mazatlan also hosts the AXN Fil Festival,The Inter Motorcycle Week, the Bird Festival, and numerous other attractions.

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