The architect, driver and producer of television Mauricio Castillo, arrived yesterday at the port of Mazatlan to start the recordings of “Mazatlan in point” program, which will mainly attempt to show the vast gastronomy of the port and promote places where visitors can taste the typical dishes of the region.

lacostamarineraStarting recordings in the restaurant “El Barracrudas” Mauricio Castillo and his team will be moving to the business of food most renowned in Mazatlan, such as “La Costa Marinera” in order that the public television across an attractive and enterteining content, learn more about the advantages offered by the ‘Pacific Pearl’ to its visitors.

“Mazatlan in point” is a program that will be broadcast on the production of Angora 8 through Megacable from January 18, taking advantage of the channel is transmitted in the state of Durango and  which are two of the most important places that stimulate the tourism in Mazatlan.