As part of the concert series of Canadian country music being offered in Mazatlan under “The Brenster & Carrum Show” at Hotel Playa Mazatlan, on 14 March, the dynamic vocal duo will have as a special guest the internationally famous Joan Kennedy who would be doing her first musical presentation in Mexico and what better place than our beautiful port of Mazatlan.

We share and exclusive interview conducted by Lisa Lankins, writer of Mazatlan My City, to Joan Kennedy and we invite you to buy your tickets on time.

Lisa: Thank you for agreeing to let me interview you and for coming to Mazatlan to be part of the Canadian Country Concert Series. The Brenster has created a new type of stage for Mazatlan and it is really exciting to see it in action. We are on our way to becoming Mexico’s music Mecca, and by coming to Mazatlan you are a big part of that. Have you ever been to or performed in Mexico before?

Joan: Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me. This will not only be my first time performing in Mazatlan, it will be my first time visiting Mexico! I’m very excited because in my 30+ years performing professionally, it’s one part of the world I’ve never performed in.

Lisa: Where do you live these days?

Joan: Today, I live in Portland, Maine raising my two children, Grace & Charlie who are 13 & 11.

Lisa: Do you come from a musical family? Are your kids musical?

Joan: Grace is a very talented singer and Charlie has just started to play the guitar which is something I started to do at the age of 9.

Lisa: Where did you grow up? Was your family musical when you were young?

Joan: I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada, the youngest of 8 children. My family was very musical and my love for it started at a very early age. We would all sit around the kitchen table and sing songs after my dad got home from working a long day in the woods. I’m proud to be a workingman’s daughter.

Lisa: I read that you won the CCMA National Humanitarian Award in 1995 and have worked with the Make A Wish Foundation in the past, you are now helping the Maine’s Cancer Coalition, and host a children’s show that comes out of Boston, the Rilbert and Robert Show. It’s obvious that “giving back” is important to you, how do you manage to juggle music/work and philanthropy?

Joan: I’m very active in volunteering at the kids schools and have incorporated my love for music with “giving back” … I’m the director of the talent show at both of their schools which allows me to do what I’ve always done with music and the arts, share my talent and encourage the kids to give it their best. It’s kind of like when I’m performing on stage – I want the audience to get to know me, to feel a part of the show, and to be inspired by music in general. This is what I’m hoping will happen at my show in Mazatlan!

Lisa: Brenster has lived here something like 30 years; do you think we will be able to persuade you to move to Mazatlan as well?

Joan: I’ve known Brent for almost 30 years. His experience in Mazatlan has given me a sense for the type of people there and I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all and who knows – maybe I’ll be back to visit (or even stay for an extended period of time) someday. Gotta get the kids through school first!!

Lisa: Is there any little music tidbit about you that most people don’t know?

Joan: A little tidbit that no one knows about me is I’ve taken a side job as an auctioneer! Haha. All kidding aside, I’ve been volunteering in Canada for so long now that my performing has extended to all realms. I started auctioneering for a Hospice event last year and it went so well that they actually invited me back!