The organizing committee of the XII National Convention of Nikkei 2014 to be held in Mazatlan from 1 to 4 May, unveiled the program of activities and personalities that will be part of this important convention to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Diplomatic and Trade Relations between Mexico and Japan.

Among the speakers include the renowned hair stylist Ken H. Kinoshita, official stylist of the beauty contests “Miss World” and “Miss International” and recently appointed as a member of the National Performance Team Redken Artist.

Dr. Norio Shimizu, passionate about the literature of the Spanish language, consolidated by his translations and named Academician in Japan by the Academy of Language.

C. P. Carlos Kasuga Osaka, President of Yakult Mexico; Mr. Abel Fukumoto Sato, Ex-President of the Japanese Peruvian Association, among others.

Here we present topics that will be addressed in the program of activities:

Ceremonies- Ritual of fishermen dreams.
- Opening Ceremony.
- Tribute to Dr. Jesus Kumate.
- Time Capsule.
- Gala Dinner.
Master Lectures- 400 years of diplomatic and trade relations between Mexico and Japan.
- The future of trade relations.
- Nikkei, a vision for the future.
Doing Business- Expo Business.
- Business Meetings.
- Job Fair.
- Exchanges and Scholarships Opportunities.
Photo Expo- The first immigrants.
Cultural Evening- Angela Peralta Theater.
Social and Cultural Activities- Origami, ideas on paper.
- Shodo, artistic writing.
- Ikebana, floral arrangements.
- Kitsuke, the art of wearing kimono.
- Biyo, for your best look.
- Seafood Platter.
- Carnival Night.
- Dinner on the Plazuela Machado.
For Youth- Karaoke Night.
- Rally for Mazatlan.