oscarperazabusinessmanagementawards2014Last June in the framework of the Business Summit 2014 held in the city of Puerto Vallarta – Mexico, Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel was awarded the Business Management Awards 2014 from the Global Business Corporation to companies that leader in their sector for its market position, business sustainability, excellence, leadership and good results.

Business Management Awards 2014 is an initiative of Global Business Corporation, Miami-based organization that aims to assess and reward successful companies of our continent based on the system business excellence established in nine concepts:

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership.
  • Policies and Strategies.
  • Planning, management and improvement of human resources.
  • Partnerships and Resources.
  • Processes.
  • Customer Results.
  • People Results.
  • Results in the Company.
  • Key Results.

That is why the Playa Mazatlan Family appreciates and welcomes with remarkable distinction for our company and our continued commitment to excellence.