Because Sinaloa has much to offerClaudia Peniche and Carlos Lopez, two great photographers ‘mazatlecos’ seeking spread through their work the hope that they have in Mazatlan and in general Sinaloa, is a better place to live, leaving aside the stigma that is a violent place and related to drug cartels. Their mission is to show to the world through the art of photography the best it has our state: its PEOPLE.

hopeforsinaloa4To make this dream a reality, Claudia Peniche and Carlos Lopez decide to join together to participate in the inter call that throws the visual artist JR, through the Inside Out Project, which invites all to show the real face of the world through ordinary characters who live the communities, street people become the protagonists of society, always with white and black faces.

“The stigma with which load Sinaloa in the world is that it is a place where there is violence, it is related to the drug cartels. From outside it looks like a place full of violence, drug dealers, and do not know here there are very fun and hard-working people, who dance, sing, laugh, love and that have hope to live in a better place. You see it in the face of the divers of the Sanchez Taboada, the fishermen of the North Beach, a beggar, the waiters in the restaurants, the sweeper. We portray all those faces, all those positive people are Mazatlan” said the photographer Claudia Peniche who was enthusiastic about the project and decided to get involved looking for a great purpose:hopeforsinaloa2

“We want people to be more positive, to stop talking about negative things. We believe that there is hope because there are more people in Mazatlan committed to nature, to work, to welfare, than the negative.”

hopeforsinaloa1test2For its part, the creator of this project,JR, is a French contemporary artist who began his incursion in the art through the graffiti, later developed into photography and decided to use this tool to put the world ‘upside down’ changing into something positive the negative thing that it emphasizes and defines many contemporary societies. In the Internet forum TED talks, won the award for best speech of the year on having spoken about his project and which showed faces of Muslims and Jews who held the same office in the Gaza region, showing that we are all essentially equal.

hopeforsinaloa3“Yes there is hope for Sinaloa, there are great more people who believe that lives in a very cool place and they are happy. To others, which are in the negative side, we want to say to them that it exists another face, which they pass of this side”, said Carlos Lopez.

Currently in Inside Out Project has a section entitled “Hope for Sinaloa” which embodies the work of Claudia Peniche and Carlos Lopez, and residents and visitors can admire this work at Paseo Claussen, Del Mar Avenie, cruise of the Aquarius and in boats of the North Beach.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan extends its sincere congratulations to Claudia Peniche and Carlos Lopez for his courageous and unique proposal invites us all to continue to fight for a better Mexico.